Concrete Shutter Systems

Concrete Shutter Systems
Concrete Shutter Systems Concrete Shutter Systems Concrete Shutter Systems Concrete Shutter Systems


Concrete Shutter Systems consists of three different, pre-cast, concrete elements, bolted together with a 10mm Stainless Steel Bolt and used as a permanent shutter,

supporting a 45-85mm reinforced concrete slab topping, as designed by the engineer.

The Three Elements

The first and most important element is the long beam.

This is the only part of the system that is cast in changing           ​

dimensions. The maximum span for the system is 8.5m, but

with special application, up to 9.5m lengths can be arranged for.

The wieght is 30kg p/m

The Second element is the short beam which has a fixed size. This beam has two purposes.

1. To stiffen the long beam and prevent it from buckling.

2. To support the concrete shutter plate.

This element gets bolted in place between 2 long beams useing the 10mm bolt,

as disaplayed to the right. The weight is 16kg per beam


The third element is the shutter plate,

that fits into the square mouldings created by the short and long beams,

completing the shutter system. The weight is 65kg per shatter plate.




The materials used to manufacture the fiber reinforced, concrete mixture, that forms the system, are of the highest quality.  The whole functionality of the system is based on the high concrete strengths achieved in the elements.

The result of this, makes the system although very light, extremely stiff and therefor allows for the spanning of up to 5m without any propping or support, whilst casting the concrete floor.

For spans beyond 5m, only one row of props are needed along thew middle which can be stripped 3-5 days after casting.



The installation process defines the system's uniqueness. 150m2 can easily be assembled by a team of 6 withing a day. Larger, heavier beams can be hoisted into position by a crane or any other hoisting equipment. The system weighs 116kg p/m2











The system is a cost effective, timesaving, pratical and strong shutter system that will give construction workers the peace of mind thay deserve.

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